Pregnancy through the Energy Lens

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Welcome to a senior obstetric acupuncturist’s life’s work

As part of this there are so many resources to download.
Posters, eBooks and pages of cheat sheets to allow you the foundation to watch the video series.
Filmed in a time when I was mainly using my Moving Blockages system – before I ventured into Arvigo and Mercier work, you can see how the perverse Qi and shock caught up in the 8 Extras needs moving on – for a life of ease.

Mostly eBooks and resources, plus my 2007 weekend video series – 8 Extras and Women’s Lives and Maternity.
Also Pauline Scott’s out of print Sit Up and Take Notice – (OP)-  explaining the stalled labours, ‘need’ for inductions and the terrible back ache some women have in labour – plus ’emergency ‘ C sections after induction – even from acupuncture  – as the bub is not where s/he needs to be in starting out of there.

There are many extra ages to start with prior to the video series.
Produced 12 years ago, some things have changed – though birth has not.

The modern human culture of fearful medicine keeps getting so much tougher for Mother Nature to just be.


You can catch up with all of my advanced (handy) channel applications in the Self Care course  that is part of the wide Transformative Healing pack that this extended unit started life as.